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8 essential apps for dental students in 2016





8 Essential Apps for Dental students 2016

After speaking to dozens of students and testing hundreds of apps we’ve come up with the 8 essential / Must-have apps for dental students in 2016:

1)Quizlet mzl-zzncapoy

With this app you can make, read and share your own flash cards on your mobile device. Or choose from millions created by other Quizlet users on thousands of subjects. Very useful for last minute revision or breaking down topics into manageable chunks of text.



unnamed2)Essential Anatomy 3/5

There is no other way to describe this app in one word other than AMAZING! It has incredibly high resolution images in 3D, all with the ability to rotate, enlarge and the ability to add and take away layers of tissue. Particularly useful for learning nerve pathways and muscle attachments.

However, it is a paid app and a relatively expensive one; going for  £15 on the apple app store. But since it’s a one off payment you’ll be able to use it for the duration of your course and beyond, definitely a worthwhile investment in our eyes.


N.B the app is called Essential Anatomy 3 in play store(Android) and Essential Anatomy 5 in the app store(IOS) both are the same app.31ag3xvvwxl


3) Vitalsource Bookshelf

is a great tool for keeping all your important textbooks in one place. It allows you to have 2 computer and mobile devices activated at any given time.

Some of its features include being able to look for words/phrases in a matter of seconds using the find tool, you can highlight pieces of text and make notes, enlarge diagrams or pictures and you can also add different highlight colours if you use a colour coding system for your revision.



This app contains loads of up to date and useful information regarding pathology, drug interactions and more. Very similar in nature to the BNF. Although it caters more for medical students, dental students can also benefit greatly from its content.





As well as recording audio, Soundnote also archives your notes and drawings at the same time. This makes it a powerful revision tool and is excellent for note-taking and recording lectures. Unfortunately its only available to apple users.


Ipad users will get the most out of it as a bigger screen makes things easier but iphone users can use it too.


ipad-dental-expert6) Dental Expert

Dental Expert is a patient’s guide to understanding some of the most common dental procedures, including some tips on how to care for their smile. This app includes tips on several dental topics, including what to do in a dental emergency, how to prevent bad breath, and how to properly care for your child’s teeth. Dental Expert is free and is available on iTunes




7) Anki

Anki is another extremely helpful study tool to use to aid in helping you memorise anything from anatomy to dental materials. It’s also completely free and feature rich with the ability to synchronise between multiple devices and embed your own images and videos.  Their website is definitely worth a visit:

Anki app icon






8)Figure 1figure-1

Figure 1 is a community based app allowing you to upload clinical cases, connect with other health professionals, view treatments and thousands of teaching cases. And to top it all off, its completely free!

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